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Megan started riding at the young age of three and began competing at the age of five in hunters under the tutelage of John Bragg. At the age of eleven, she began eventing under the tutelage of Olympian Jil Walton. Megan rode with Jil for many years until leaving for college in 2006. While in college, Megan served as the chairman to the American Connemara Pony Society. She organized and ran recognized USEF, USDF, and CDS shows. In 2011 Megan received her degree in Biology from Sonoma State University. Upon her graduation Megan made the decision to move to Europe to further her equestrian education.

While abroad she studied with the British Horse Society to receive her trainers certificate, worked for Tredstep Ireland and trained with world renowned William Micklem. After returning to the states, Megan took the position as assistant trainer to Tamra Smith of Next Level Eventing. In 2013, Megan made the decision to break off on her own and began operating as Telesis Equestrian, located in Southern California. Megan has competed up to the Advanced level in the sport of Three-Day Eventing. She has also achieved her Bronze Medal in dressage. She has taken lessons and ridden in clinics with several other international olympic riders such as Jimmy Wofford, Ian Stark, Buck Davidson, Pippa Funnell, Tamie Smith, Lane Clarke, Hawley Bennett, Eric Smiley, William Micklem, David O'Connor, Captain Mark Philips and several dressage riders such as Niki Hall, Sue Curry, Axel Steiner, Jenifer Zakhary, Bekki Vrono, and Lilo Fore.

In 2008 Megan began working for Darian Hall of Rosewood Farm Connemaras. In 2010 she served as the chairman to Region X for the American Connemara Pony Society. While Megan spent most of her career focusing on her training business, in 2018 Megan decided to dive into the breeding business and began Telesis Connemaras. If you are interested in our stallions or young stock for sale please visit



Intelligent planning of the means to achieve a desired end or, in short, progress intelligently planned.

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