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Our Services


At Telesis Equestrian, we understand the unique bond between horse and rider. We offer training for every level of rider and horse, from beginner to advanced. Our experienced and qualified trainers provide personalized instruction and guidance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.



We offer a variety of boarding packages to fit your needs. Stalls are cleaned twice daily. Two feedings of either Alfalfa or grass hay are fed daily. Lunch is also provided for an additional fee. Stalls are 12x24 foot for more room for your horses comfort. We also provide a keypad accessible community tack room to store tack and other items.



Our facility offers a variety of services to help enhance your equestrian experience. Our arena is equipped with a full set of jumps to help take your riding to the next level. We also have a 60 foot round pen with kick proof walls, as well as wash racks and cross tie areas. To top it off, we even have an arena viewing box for spectators.

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